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THLight can build and transform your workplace to be more safe and efficient
with state-of-the-art BLE Positioning + AI Solution

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Accuracy is our Speciality
We use high accuracy BLE Positioning + AI Solution together to create worker-friendly environments.

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Trace & Prevent

Seamlessly trace contact behaviours with proximity warning to ensure employees' safety without interrupting business operation.


Automatic Attendance Tracking

Easier and smarter personnel management with active time and attendance clocking.



Find and notify the nearest medical staff. Set up virtual fences and safety alarms. Track equipments and manage resources in real-time.


Logistic Excellence

Ensure error-free merchandise handling and reduce truck turnaround time. Better cost effectiveness in overall.

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Real-Time Locating System
RTLS + proprietary AI Engine, along with Sentinel long range Receivers and BLE Trace tags to seamlessly monitor, track and generate insights all at one place.


Trace & Prevent
Infectious disease contact analysis

By attaching the wearable Trace tag on a badge, you can trace the contact history between staff, identify transmission areas and provide more support in complying to social distancing legislation.

Trace Tag
Sentinel Receiver
Management Software

Logistic Excellence
No more Truck Detention

Accurately monitor, locate and optimise workforce scheduling - Logistic Excellence helps business to increase their efficiency and productivity in the logistic and sorting center.

Industrial beacon
Sentinel Receiver
Real-time Locating System (RTLS)

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trace & prevent

Preventing from production shutdowns. Seamless contact tracing and proximity warning to ensure employees’ safety and business operations.

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