Infectious disease contact analysis

Can your company stay shut-down for months ? To prevent such predicament and more importantly to bring safety to everyone in the workplace, our Trace & Prevent is just the perfect solution for you.

Contact History Retrieving
Trace & Prevent help you to identify people at high risk in a flash , so immediate action can be taken without closing down the entire workplace.

Trace tag

Tailor-made solution for businesses of all sizes

Trace & Prevent consist of BLE wearable tags, receivers and RTLS (Real Time Location software System). And base on your employee number, workplace size and desired signal coverage, we will provide you with a tailor-made solution.


“It is terrifying to even think about shutting down the production...Trace & Prevent helps to access the contact history of visitors, suppliers and contractors and map out the footprint, if anything happens, we can react immediately.”
Jerry Shen, Chairman, iMotion Group, Former ASUS CEO


Step 1
Measure and installation

1.1 Floor mapping
1.2 Determine no. of receiver and its ideal placement
1.3 Create positioning map

Step 2
Deploy , test and assign tag

2.1 Install receiver
2.2 Test Signal
2.3 Finalise floor model with machine learning
2.4 Assign Tag after system is ready

Step 3
Get insights

Now you can access to the real-time data on our RTLS software including
a. Distance between each employee
b. Contact history and more
These data will be shown in details with intuitive visualisation.

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