Increase efficiency and productivity with our spatial intelligence tech

We design and build our own solutions and devices based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Our BLE beacons can be configured to monitor battery status, ambient temperature and humidity, even extended to detect impact and sudden change in g-forces, as well as sending distress signals through built-in panic alarm button.

High Flexibility & Scalability
We offer our clients custom solution packages to fulfill their specific set of needs and requirements.

Trace & Prevent

Seamlessly trace contact behaviours with proximity warning to ensure employees' safety without interrupting business operation.

Automatic Attendance Tracking

Easier and smarter personnel management with active time and attendance clocking.


Find and notify the nearest medical staff. Set up virtual fences and safety alarms. Track equipments and manage resources in real-time.

Logistic Excellence

Ensure error-free merchandise handling and reduce truck turnaround time. Better cost effectiveness in overall.


Client can access real-time raw and AI computed data via our API, seamless IT system/infrastructure integration.

Tech for Accessibility

In 2015 THLight built the first barrier-free zone with vocal navigation assistance for visually impaired citizens in Taipei.

Shop Smart

Push location-customised promotion/announcement/urgent messages to target shoppers’ mobile device.


Helping people navigate swiftly through complex indoor or underground facilities such as airport, subway station, residential and commercial area.

Safety Guard

Our safety sensor, when abnormality (e.g. motionless) is detected, will immediately trigger the alarm and send panic signal to the administrator to ensure your safety is well looked after.

Easy Park

Our patented solution makes finding a parking lot easier and locating your vehicle faster than ever.

Access Control

Integrate virtual fence with access control system to bring your workplace security up a notch.

Custom solution

We will be more than happy to assist you and tailor-made a solution that meet your needs. Contact us now for free consult.


Mapping & Quoting.
Define the coverage areas and finalize quotation.

1. Prospective clients provide floor plan
2. On-site installation feasibility check
3. Preliminary proposal for discussion
4. Finalise the proposal & quotation

Installation and Function Test. Place beacons & Our AI create mapping model

1. Test all beacons’ connection
2. Feed beacon infos to the AI engine
3. Receive signals & compute data with machine learning
4. Our AI builds the final model
5. Ready to Launch solution

Device overview
We design and manufacture our own hardware to ensure the quality meet your expectation.

USBeacon B3329B

Powered with two CR2032 battery with emergency button, buzzer, g-sensor.

USBeacon B1029B

Powered with two CR2032 battery with emergency button, buzzer, g-sensor.

USBeacon B2010

Certified iBeacon that powered by USB. Recommend to use in retailers and museums.

Industrial Beacon USBeacon B4023T

Certified iBeacon that powered with ER14505 batteries. Battery life lasts maximum 5 years. Easy to install in outdoor environment.

Commercial Beacon USBeacon B4022T

Certified iBeacon that powered with AA batteries. Battery life lasts maximum 5 years. Easy to install in outdoor environment.

Receiver Sentinel W8010R

To use in combination with B3229T wearable beacon, data can be transferred back to positioning system through W8010R. Each receiver covers up to 100 meters in length. Recommended to place one every 625 ~ 1000 m2.

Preventing from production shutdowns. Seamless contact tracing and proximity warning to ensure employee' safety and business operations.

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