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How much does a solution cost ?
It depends on the square meter of your workplace, the intended coverage of the signal and the complexity of the features you need (e.g. virtual fence). Our team will conduct the measurement and make a proposal for you.

Where can beacon solution be used?

Beacon solution provides accurate indoor positioning that can be deployed at large indoor environments such as shopping mall, museum, parking lot, complex public transportation hub, factory, etc.

Is your iBeacon compatible with all types of mobile phone?

Our BLE Beacon is device/platform agnostic. For software/hardware compatibility , please contact us.

What are included in the solution ?

It includes BLE tag, singal receiver, SDK, user manuals and mobile APP.

Does iBeacon send data to mobile phone?

iBeacon sends only UUID to the mobile app (USBeacon Writer) which then reacts and manages the tasks accordingly.

Does USBeacon have any certificate?

USBeacon is Apple iBeacon certified.

What are the options for power supply?

Our beacons can be powered by either USB or battery. As for our Sentinel receiver , AC or POE.

How many receivers do I need for my workplace?

We recommend one receiver in every 625 m2-1000 m2 for best signal accuracy and coverage.

Can I modify UUID Major Minor?

Major , Minor , Tx Power and Frequency can be modified, but not UUID. The only way to get a new UUID is through new account application.

What is the maximum coverage?

Our solution’s maximum coverage is 120 meters. 

Can devices be custom made?

Yes, we also accept OEM/ODM request . Therefore, Hardware/Software custom make is highly welcome. 

How stable is the beacon signal?

Our signal , 97% of the time , RSSI is +/-1 dbm  at 1 meter interval.

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