May 4, 2020

People/Equip. Tracking

THLight specializes in the field of Internet of Things, especially personnel & equipment position tracking , with proprietary solution which we developed in-house, you can precisely find out your employees’ or customers’ whereabouts and thus creating smart apps. for work and other commercial use.

Our customers are all very satisfied with THLight’s solution not only because the accuracy it provides, but also the competitive and reasonable pricing we offer. If you want to know more about THLight - a company fully dedicated in iBeacon/beacon development - and how we can help you with our tracking solution, please give us a call.

With a top-notch research and development unit exclusively focusing on position tracking technology, THLight has been fully and continuously committed in improving its iBeacon products since it was established. At the same time, welcoming everyone with open arms to collaboratively create application/solution using its tracking technology on people and merchandise, even with big data to make business transactions or promotional activities in commercial area such as shopping mall, transportation center...etc. smarter and more convenient.

If you ever want to change the way reaching walk-in customers and give them a new shopping experience, the reputable THLight and its solution and specialists can definitely help you with that. Our office is located in Sanchong District New Taipei City Taiwan, feel free to stop by.

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