May 1, 2020

Smart Hospital

As a professional indoor positioning solution provider, THLight also offers its services in fields like smart hospital and smart living. Many prestigious medical centers / hospitals have already adopted our iBeacon positioning solution to upgrade their facilities for the purpose of providing better patient care and optimizing medical resource. THLight is in New Taipei City Taiwan with good public transport, feel free to stop by If you wanna build a smart hospital or upgrade your existing one, we can definitely help you with full support.

Want to build smart medical services to make your hospital more considerate and provide better cares for your patient ? THLight can tailor-make solution for different indoor spaces in your hospital to offer your team a more efficient and quicker method to save the patient in case of emergency. THLight is highly recommended and a trustworthy partner for its reliable products and reasonable pricing. Give us a call if you have any inquiry.

Applications in medical fields:

  • Nursing Home / Palliative Care Center - In cooperation with numerous prestigious hospitals to build their smart medical services.
  • Medical Clinic - To provide patients’ location to medical professionals, assisting them to check patients in efficiently.
  • Toxics / Medical Waste Trash Cart - To alert illegal / unauthorized trespassing by tracking their whereabouts.

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