May 5, 2020

iBeacon/Beacon App.

The iBeacon positioning product developed by THLight has a wide range of applications, not only can it help you with commercial marketing, and also in places like factories, medical institutions, transportation center..etc., even in daily life. At present, many well-known enterprises and public/private organizations have already implemented THLight’s iBeacon application to create futuristic work style. To make products reliable for implementation, THLight only uses in-house designed equipments, with transparent pricing and office locates in New Taipei City, Taiwan, we are able to provide all-round pre-sales and after-sales services to our clients who can then experiencing a high-quality smart iBeacon application. 

More and more companies are curious about or started adopting Beacon solution, in the hope that it can lead to new business development. And as a pioneer in this field, THLight is fully dedicated to promote the technology and has developed its own proprietary AI assisted real-time positioning system to help everyone experiencing the diverse applications and the convenience it brings. Moreover, creating a new vision for the future. 

THLight is a highly recommended and well known solution provider for Beacon related application. Therefore , feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

Q: Will iBeacon send data to mobile phone?

iBeacon will only broadcast UUID. It is actually the Mobile APP that does the heavy lifting after receiving UUID. 

Q: Is Bluetooth pairing necessary when using iBeacon APP?

Pairing is not required. iBeacon technology can work in the background. However, you must turn on Bluetooth and download specific APP.

Q: Is iBeacon signal stable ?

It’s not easy to make iBeacon signal travel far , what’s even harder is having high accuracy at close range. Our USBeacon Demo at close range, RSSI value is usually less than 30.

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